Cobus – Michael Jackson – Black or White (Drum Cover)

by on September 10, 2010
in michael jackson black or white

Laus Deo Semper. http The Michael Jackson Tribute mini-series is me paying my respects to one of the most influential musicians to ever have lived. I absolutely LOVED jamming along to these song by MJ, the grooves are an incredible amount of fun to play :) RIP MJ. I have to emphasize, I know calling this a “cover” is wrong, seeing as I only PARTLY stayed true to the song’s drums (or lack thereof), through the WHOLE song I play some variations of the beats, phrasing and fills, since 99% of what I play is improvised. Even though I have done my fair share of session and studio drumming, that has little to zero effect on these video’s, I kind of see them as live performances. I’m NOT aiming to be accurate to the original drums, I’m just aiming to enjoy myself. And I thoroughly succeeded in doing that, might I add :) Michael Jackson – Black or White from the 1991 release “Dangerous” is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). (External) Drums by Cobus Potgieter. For any and all info you might need (equipment, sponsorships, recording process, updates) please visit and have a look around.

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25 Responses to “Cobus – Michael Jackson – Black or White (Drum Cover)”
  1. JamieJWSmith says:

    You alone Cobus is enough to bring back MJ from is grave… That was awesome…

  2. ryane323 says:

    If you’re thinking ‘but liking this cover, it don’t matter if you’re black or white! Cobus, you rocked it man! God bless!

  3. fitzgerald2702 says:


  4. HectickBby1 says:

    FUKEN HELL! ARE YOU SERIOUS! IM SO FUKEN JEALOUSSSS! so far your the greatest ! i love itttttt !! i loveeeeeeeeee youuuuuuu ! MICHAEL jackson wouldve been proud :)

  5. lanskikimo01 says:

    Greatest !

  6. carlos0on0drums says:

    that’s the proper way of playin drums coz im sick of these poofsf that do a cover a song that should be played with agression n it makes me laugh coz they kill the song. great job.

  7. jenne2h says:

    man… you are better than half of the professional drummers i’ve seen! oh… and i learned to play drums by watching you… thanks man. keep rockin dude! :)

  8. mrmagicman987 says:


  9. crazygauds says:

    thats awesome!

  10. 27pageboy says:

    this a good way to remember M.J. , he would be so proud of you dude , R.I.P. M J

  11. Priosca says:

    That was amazing man. Congrats. Hope someday I could play that way. It’s great how you add your own feel to the main groove

  12. Bernieli1 says:

    one word “Insanity” wow this blew my mind

  13. MsKaySean says:

    I Like How He Adds His Own Style To The Song.

  14. SuperiorSwagon1 says:

    @ImtooDiZZy lol

  15. calicom110 says:

    i hope the people who clicked on dislike lose they’re fingers….

  16. ThatNascarLover24 says:

    I have a playlist just for your videos… ;]

  17. ThatNascarLover24 says:


  18. freedom4ev3r says:

    wow …. great!!

  19. denonpioneerlomejor says:

    tare hearth- get ready……… campeon puedes con esta.

  20. denonpioneerlomejor says:

    si puedes con esta campeon ……( rare hearth – get ready)

  21. turmyturmy1 says:

    you will rock michael’s nose off!

  22. Vivailgelato says:

    your videos are real art! I like watching you playing, awesome!!! You’re a real beast on drums! And what’s also important is that you really enjoy what you’re doing! I’ve seen drummers that play well but they don’t have your energy and your passion! You’re fantastic!

  23. djloc2k7 says:

    Big smile at the end, he knows he is AWESOME :)

  24. shango113 says:

    its that Tom Cruise at the end?

  25. USYNatick says:

    @j0rdrum it aint spliced up. its as it is same cover the entire time, its just different camera angles that switch over a few times.

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